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Each platter includes fresh made hummus with olive oil, *Mediterranean seasoned yellow rice***salad topped with our house garlic lemon dressing**, pita bread and
our famous green jalapeno sauce.

*Not included on the vegetarian and falafel platters*
**Not included on the vegetarian platter**

Beef Kabob Platter

#1 - Beef Kabob

Two skewers of marinated U.S.D.A. Choice grilled steak kabobs seasoned and cooked to perfection.


Kofta Kabob.

#2 - Kofta Kabob

Two skewers of grilled lean ground beef kofta mixed with fresh parsley, onions and our exceptional blend of Mediterranean seasonings.


Chicken Kabob Platter.

#3 - Chicken Kabob

Two skewers of chicken breast kabobs marinated in a special blend of Mediterranean spices and herbs.


Shrimp Kabob

#4 - Shrimp Kabob

Two skewers of charbroiled shrimp marinated in a seasoned garlic lemon sauce.


Gyro Platter

#5 - Gyro Platter

Our famous slow cooked rotisserie style blend of lamb and ground steak gyro. Served with our special Tzatziki sauce.


Gyro and falafel platter

#6 - Gyro Supreme

Our famous lamb and ground steak gyro served with Tzatziki sauce and two of our famous golden brown falafel patties.


Gyro Supreme (Gyro and Chicken Skewer)

#7 - Gyro Royale

A rotisserie blend of lamb and ground steak gyro served with tzatziki sauce and a skewer of our famous chicken breast kabob.


Chicken Kabob. Beef Kabob. Kofta Kabob.

#8 - Mixed Grill

A skewer of our famous chicken breast kabob, U.S.D.A. Choice steak kabob, and our lean ground beef kofta.


Beef Kofta. Chicken Kabob. Garlic Lemon Shrimp Kabob.

#9 - Combo Trio

A skewer of well seasoned lean beef kofta, our famous chicken kabob, and garlic lemon shrimp.


Lamb and Ground Steak Gyro. Chicken Kabobs. Beef Kabobs.

#10 - Gyro Mix

Tender strips of lamb and ground steak gyro, a skewer of U.S.D.A. Choice steak kabob, and our famous chicken kabob.


Falafel Platter

#11 - Falafel Platter

Our famous golden brown falafel patties served with tahini sauce and pickled turnips.


Vegetarian Platter. Falafel. Stuffed Grape Leaves.

#12-Vegetarian Platter

Our famous falafel patties, dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), tabouli, and baba ghanouj (seasoned pulped eggplant).


The Works Platter

#19 - The Works

A skewer of U.S.D.A. Choice steak kabob, our famous chicken kabob, lean ground beef kofta, golden brown falafel patties, and dolmas (stuffed grape leaves).


Lamb Kabob Plate


Veggie Kabob Plate


Salmon Kabob Skewers.

Salmon Kabob

Two skewers of grilled salmon with onions, yellow squash, green zucchini and seasoned with a unique blend of Mediterranean herbs and spices.


Lamb Chops



All Wraps served with pickled turnips and a choice of spicy potatoes or a house salad
Eggplant Wrap Sandwich

#13 Eggplant Wrap


#14 Beef Wrap


#15 Chicken Wrap


#16 Kafta Wrap


Gyro Wrap Sandwich in Long Beach California

#17 Gyro Wrap


#18 Falafel Wrap


#23 Shrimp Wrap


#24 Salmon Wrap



Add Kafta, Chicken, Gyro,  Beef,  Shrimp or Salmon (additional charge applies) 

Tabouli Salad

Sm. $7.99 Lrg. $9.99

Greek salad in Long Beach California

Greek Salad

Sm. $7.99 Lrg. $9.99


Side Dishes



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